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Visitor Reviews

“This was just wonderful. Will tell everyone I know about it. ”

— Sharon Pherman


“Super cool museum & great staff.”

— Anonymous

“A really great museum especially the Packard & Hudson cars, old radios and auto memorabilia. ”

— Anonymous

“Thank you! This was a beautiful collection to experience. It got me a little emotional. Disney world could take notes in here.”

— Randy & Meredith,

“Very impressive man after my own heart, Awesome!”

— Anonymous

“This is such a beautiful and inspiring place. It’s so great to be able to see time evolve for such delicate items. Thank you!”

— K&H

“Just wonderful! Good Job! ”

— Minnesota Traveler

“This place is awesome! I love all the neon lights, the old Hudson’s and all the little details of this place. I can tell you guys put lots of work into here and it is all worth it. I’ll make sure to tell everyone I know to come here. ”

— Anonymous


— Megan Dixon & Addy Keazer

“We enjoyed the museum very much! Loved looking at all the old cars and cool neon signs! Great place to come when needing something to do!”

— The Egglis from Pine Bluff's, WY

“This place is amazing. Such great artifacts with so much history ”

— Anonymous

“It was sick”

— Anonymous

“Wow! You have a fabulous collection. Thank you for sharing it with us!”

— Anonymous

“Very nice we enjoyed it. Casper needs something like this too. ”

— Randy & Barb Hourt

“Awesome great display of everything! It was great seeing items I forgot about. I will continue to tell people, especially car people about this fantastic display of a great time in history. ”

— Terry Hoyt, Cheyenne

“Great! Loved taking the family here! Will be back!”

— Anonymous

“Really great! Awesome!”

— Anonymous

“My experience was completely incredible! There were many times that I found my breath to be taken away by the amount of history here! This collection is incredible and wonderfully arranged. Thank you for all the work you do. ”

— Anonymous

“I’m a Gillette local and I have never been here, but I’m very happy I did today! I loved the classic vehicles! I would love to see vintage motorcycles!”

— Anonymous

“It was Amazing, hope motorcycles can be added as well”

— Anonymous

“Love the collection. I appreciate how all the cars have a bit of character. I will be back.”

— Drew, Wyckoff, NJ

“Wonderful!!! Absolutely loved it!!! Thank you for the experience to go back in time & dream.”

— Karstan

“Pretty Incredible”

— Anonymous

“This is a cool museum. I liked all te cool cars and trucks!”

— VInnie B

“Very nice and pretty love the design of the restrooms!”

— Anonymous

“Great- husband was like a kid in a sweet-shop!!”

— Ann, Leicestershire, UK

“I’ve always loved the older days histories (1900’s) being able to take my sister to this wonder place made my day. Loved everything about it. Definitely coming again. ”

— Thank you, Brother Walner

“Thank you for your museum. My parents always love visiting when they’re in from Michigan. We will be back”

— Aaron Layman, Cindy Nicolia, Steve & Carrie Nicolia

“My museum experience was really good, I like to set up. ”

— Anonymous

“Awesome experience, Best I’ve been to”

— Anonymous

“Love this place! Drive-in movie speakers made my day!”

— Renn

“Cute little museum, great stop for the hubbies to look at cars auto stuff. Memories......”

— Anonymous

“Great work in such a short time of putting it all together. My 3rd time and I will be back with money carrying friends. ”

— Thanks, Blair BIshop


— San Diego, CA

“This is one of the coolest museums we have ever seen. SO much to see. Love all the signs, cars, trucks, gas pumps auto memorabilia. ”

— Anonymous

“It was super AWESOME! Very cool, Thank you very much!! Love cars & antiques. Happy New Year!”

— Anonymous

“I want your vehicles please and thank you. They are very nice and luxurious. ”

— Anonymous

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