The Wandler family has been in Gillette since 1962, Leon and Betty Wandler moved here from Glendive Montana and in 1964 founded L & H Welding and Machine co. Leon had always had a love for old cars with a preference for Hudsons. Jeff Wandler was born in Gillette in 1966 and lived up the street from the Auto Museum on Ross  Street until he was 6 years old and then the whole Wandler family moved to a farm out North past the airport. As time went by the Wandler brothers were into muscles cars and drag racing, but when Jeff got older he took and interest in his dad's older cars. When he was 30 he was helping his dad work on the Hudsons and going to the auctions together he decided to buy an old gas pump and restore it to go with Leon's 49 convertible Hudson. Jeff liked it so well that he pursued more pumps and also got a few local signs from relatives. The new petroleum collectibles hobby ended up taking on its own life and before long Jeff was passionately collecting these items along with help from his dad to restore pumps. They made a good team and ended up moving an old gas station from OSAGE and fixing it up. After they filed this up they continued to decorate Leon's work shop by Rozet. Leon passed away in 2004 and Jeff continued to take care of the cars and add to the whole collection. Jeff's ultimate goal was to make a public display with the lifetime family collection. In 2015 when he heard that the Quilt Nook at 211 West 2nd Street was for sale, he was intrigued. He learned that the building was originally built for the Ford dealership in 1949 and was well suited in a lot of ways for the purpose. He was able to acquire the building and the vision of the museum was becoming a reality. The Frontier Auto Museum was opened in January of 2016 along with his daughter (Briana Brewer and son in-law- BJ Brewer) antique, repurpose shop in the front. Not only was Jeff's goal accomplished early but also he had the privilege of being involved in another family business.